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Stop worrying about your marriage and take the first step to rediscovering each other with marriage counseling.

I feel as though I have become invisible and am no longer important. When I am with my spouse there seems to be nothing to talk about. Marriage counseling can help you to rediscover the joy and happiness in your marriage.

With the infidelity in our marriage, I have lost trust in our relationship. Marriage counseling can help to heal the damage done by infidelity.

We are always arguing and fighting about the same issues be it money, sex, children, in laws and family with no resolution. Marriage therapy can help to heal the bitterness and hurt feelings that come with months or years of arguing.

“Prior to meeting with Bill, my husband and I had a hard time communicating and frequently fought over money and my family. Since we started working with Bill our communication has greatly improved and although we still disagree sometimes, we are much better equipped to handle these issues and disagreements in a calm manner.” Alicia

Where has my sex life gone? My spouse has lost all interest in sexual intimacy. Through marriage counseling you can rediscover your passion for your partner and the intimacy you once enjoyed.

I resent my spouse and feel cold and distant. Marriage counseling can help to heal the resentment you feel and close the distance between spouses.

All marriages, even great marriages, have problems from time to time. Differences in personality create differences in ideas and opinions. In a healthy marriage these differences can be resolved and the relationship can move forward. However, when a marriage is struggling, even the small issues seem difficult to overcome.

If your marriage is faltering or falling apart and you feel disconnected, angry, upset, depressed, hostile, hopeless, confused, guilty, anxious; then marriage counseling and marriage therapy will help.

Wherever you are in your marriage, contacting me today brings you one step closer to healing your marriage.

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