Anxiety Therapy


You don’t have to be anxious anymore.

Fear and worry is pervasive in all that I do. I experience anxiety, panic attacks and discomfort. Anxiety therapy can help you to gain control over your anxiety, thereby reducing or eliminating the panic attacks you endure.

I am paralyzed with fear when I interact with people, including dating or going to parties, so I avoid social situations. When I walk into a room I feel as though I am being watched and judged by others, and I am worried that I will make mistakes and be humiliated. Through anxiety therapy you will feel more confident at work, in social situations and in relationships.

My unrelenting thoughts hinder my sleep and peace of mind. As an anxiety therapist, there is much we can do to help you regain control of your sleep, and more importantly your life.

I no longer have confidence in myself or in my ability to make good judgments. Through anxiety therapy, you will feel stronger and more confident in yourself and your life.

“I lost my job a number of months ago, and along with it, my self-respect and dignity. I looked for work, but in this economic environment I was unable to get a job. My life started spiraling out of control. I had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep for a full nights rest. I was constantly on edge and had difficulty concentrating. I was irritable and short with my wife and kids. I had headaches and seemed to be constantly tired. I was up against the ropes economically as well as emotionally. Then a friend of mine mentioned this anxiety therapist in Orlando that he had been seeing, and suggested that I give him a call. I gave Bill a ring, and he seemed like he really understood where I was at, and what I was going through. So I took a chance and made an appointment. Since I started anxiety therapy I have been feeling much better. I have been able to regain control of life.” Mark G.

I am constantly irritable with my loved ones.

If you suffer from constant worrying, restlessness, the feeling you are “on edge,” irritability, headaches, muscle tension, exhaustion, or have difficulty concentrating; chances are you may be struggling with anxiety; from a traumatic life changing event or events that have become “stuck.”

Whatever your symptoms, contacting me today brings you one step closer to healing your body and mind.

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